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Principles of Quantitative Development
A Book by Dr. Manoj Thulasidas for Quantitative Analysts, Developers, Traders and Middle Office Professionals
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"Big Pictures"
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"Big Pictures" are short articles featured in the book as boxes. These column-like articles provide interesting and often entertaining perspectives on the world of trading and quantitative finance, and encourage the readers to expand their points of view.

The list below is current as at June 2009.
  1. Conflicts by Design      
  2. Risk Reward Seesaw    
  3. Collateral vs Credit Lines        
  4. To Hedge or Not To Hedge      
  5. Back-to-Back Trades     
  6. Bottom Line View     
  7. Big Picture and Narrow Perspectives     
  8. Zeros and Ones     
  9. Magic of Object-Oriented Languages       
  10. Back to the Basics   
  11. Straight Through Processing   
  12. Access Control  
  13. Untenable Supports     
  14. Paradigms in Computing  
  15. Effect of Modeling on Models
  16. Paradigms vs Patterns    
  17. Group Dynamics  
  18. Philosophy of Money    
The Book
The Author
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